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As Japan is more available about portraying homosexuality in its kid’s mass media

As Japan is more available about portraying homosexuality in its kid’s mass media

As Japan is more available about portraying homosexuality in its kid’s mass media

than numerous region within the West, [1] [2] several homosexual relations appeared for the Sailor moonlight series. It should be mentioned not all the continuities overlap on this topic, but and a few figures who were recommended as homosexual within one continuity were not offered therefore in others.

In a series with a mostly feminine cast, relations involving the ladies, actual or dreamed, were inevitable.


Listed here are characters with a lesbian intimate positioning that was explained inside series’ canon.

Uranus and Neptune

The sole two honestly homosexual Senshi of show, their own connection try canon both in the anime and manga. These were in a relationship from their very first look and comprise rather sincere about any of it. Haruka flirted with other ladies quite often (specifically Usagi), and Michiru from time to time flirted with people, however they were dedicated to both. They after turned kids Hotaru’s “mama” and “papa.”

Celebrity Fighter

Seiya’s love for Usagi both in the anime and manga might be regarded as straight, but his organic kind was feminine, along with his affections seemed equally strong as Sailor Superstar Fighter. It will be observed that into the manga, it absolutely was most greatly implied that celebrity Fighter (exactly who, as with any the Sailor Starlights, just cross-dressed to disguise herself as a boy in manga) have an unrequited love for Princess Kakyuu; this passion has also been, but considerably heavily, suggested inside anime. From inside the Korean dub, Seiya turned a female in civilian kind with his partnership with Usagi was created into a homosexual connection.

Enthusiast Canon

This amazing try conjecture among fans about feasible homosexual/bisexual positioning among characters, through circumstance and innuendo, which gaydar often mentioned in follower canon.


Ami Mizuno ended up being a “late bloomer” with regards to found relationship, leading to some fans to understand the girl interactions with the more girls as crushes. Per some buff ideas, dark colored Mercury of Pretty Guardian Sailor moonlight had an unrequited crush on Usagi and so acted as a jilted fan. But she performed showcase curiosity about kids on a less regular basis compared to the more interior Senshi, and seemed to maintain Nephrite’s personal kind, possibly as a parallel with the uncertain relationship between Dark Mercury and Nephrite.


Makoto Kino’s failure to be in her attentions made some followers imagine that she was a student in the dresser. Inside anime, she two times blushed increasingly after watching upwards Sailor Mercury’s dress, but that has been the sole facts revealed. She in addition did actually posses an enchanting crush on Haruka, at a time when she got alert to Haruka’s true sex, in event 96, in reality she simply wished to come to be like the girl (that will be, a powerful, separate woman, not a lesbian). In Pretty Guardian Sailor moonlight, she fundamentally dated Motoki and accepted their proposition after the important work.

Rei Hino ended up being right during the anime, however in quite protector Sailor moonlight, she reached feel extremely near to Minako Aino. Some followers understand their unique relationship to getting better than quick relationship. These fans tthe guyorize that the only reason it is not canon is because the live-action series was intended as a children’s show, hence the subtleties and ambiguities (e.g. insignificant habits, unique zoomed in photos, and so on, that were not supposed to be noticed by small kids but by her parents viewing together with them) inside their connections as present in the tv show. Rei has also been been shown to be near Minako during the manga, but everything beyond this is certainly conjecture.

Aluminum Seiren and Lead Crow

Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor contribute Crow happened to be revealed for the anime to fairly share a prickly relationship in which contribute Crow is defensive of, and exasperated by, the scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Some fans have chosen to take contribute Crow’s affections on her behalf functioning companion as evidence for them are lovers, or proof of her creating an unrequited love for Aluminum Seiren. These lovers additionally sometimes point out that there exists parallels between these characters and Zoisite and Kunzite – in the two cases the considerably knowledgeable of these two ended up being murdered by her commander in spite of the pleas of the more experienced one, so when the greater number of experienced of the two later on died they also known as the actual other’s term.

Luna and Artemis

Inside French dub with the anime, both Luna and Artemis had been female if they 1st showed up, which implied they are lesbians. But Artemis was afterwards described as a male in subsequent episodes.

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